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 undead mage lvl 80

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PostSubject: undead mage lvl 80   Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:22 pm

Subject: mage appllication

1. Character name and class: Frostwrath undead mage
2. Professions, specializations: engineering/mining
4. Talent Build: Fire(53)/Frost(18)
5. Previous Guild: i was in pvp guild i start pveing these days i wana have fun and try to get some pve gear and have fun with raiding
6. Raiding experience:i did all heroics and get all gear that help me to done naxx
7. What is your /played? 66 days
8. IRL name: Saif
9. Location: Jordan
10. Age: 19
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undead mage lvl 80
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