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 Want To Join

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PostSubject: Want To Join   Sun Nov 04, 2007 11:06 am

1.Your status on attunements: None Razz

2. Character name and class: Zeltaok resto shammy Atm goin to respecc to elemental or enhance Very Happy

3. Professions, specializations: Skinning like 200 or something ^^

4. Talent Build:4/5/52

5. Previous Guild(s), previous server, what happened with your old guild, why do/did you want migrate to Ahn'qiraj: Warcraft left because i wanted to raid and actually do something =)

6. Raiding experience (i.e AQ cleared. karazhan cleared): Havnt raided much Sad but i hope i am goin to now Very Happy

7. What is your /played? : 24 days

8. IRL name: Daniel Andersson

9. Location: Sweden

10. Age:15

11. Item stats, either a) Or b) tell your stats. Hp, +healing, +m/5, +spell dmg, ap, critrates, depending on what's important for your class: 667+ healing 447 spell dmg 10.44% spell crit chance 6.4k hp 8.4k mana

12. What times can you raid? After 4pm

13. Are there any activities, sports, hobbies etc. that mean you will miss raids regularly? If so what days and/or times?: Computer times =S my parents are wierd...

14. What raidactivity percentage do you think you will be at?: Kara ^^

15. We use ventrilo to communicate during and outside of raids, are you able to speak and communicate properly?: yes i am Smile

16. Describe yourself and why you want to join us, what kind of player you are: I want to join your guild because my last 1 wasnt any good ..and i want to raid Very Happy I like to do dmg And thats wy im goin to respecc when i got better gear Very Happy

17.Link to armoury

18. Additional skills/abilities/capabilities that would help guild management? (hosting, macros, .php, you name it) Dunno ^^

19. Something else you wanna ask/add?:i dont think so =) i hope i have fun in this guild if i get in . thanks Zeltaok Very Happy
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Want To Join
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